Warning to the American Church – Put on the Armor of God Now

As some of us have been going about our daily lives, building careers, raising families, planning retirements, maintaining our health, going shopping for groceries, watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies and taking vacations and other amusements, Satan has been busy expanding his kingdom of darkness all over the planet while at the same time lulling us to sleep. Jesus Christ told us that Satan’s kingdom is united as Satan does not cast out Satan (Mark 3:23, 26).Right now, Satan’s army of human agents – where governments are referred to in Bible prophecy as various kinds of beasts, and the shadow government riding them is referred to as Mystery Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots (MBGMH) – is active in every country, but is stronger in some.

The current manifestation of this Beast-Babylon Harlot human agent kingdom is seated in Washington and Israel (Jerusalem being the focus of Satan’s attention as a way to spite the Lord God). Revelation 17 tells us exactly what the objective of the Harlot of Babylon is: She wants to reward her human children with the stolen riches of the entire world, including all of its gold, and also she wants to get drunk on the blood of the Christians through persecution.

How will she carry this out?

Given that she was born at the start of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon (hence the Babylon label – see Daniel 2), she has nurtured her children to love money and love the worldly things at the expense of their neighbors. In other words, where God commands the Virgin Church to love our neighbors as ourselves, Satan has his Violated Harlot to hate their neighbors and plunder them. Satan does the opposite of God. The Harlot has some of her human children specialize in plundering the nations, and some who specialize in spreading violence through the earth to either divide and conquer the nations or offer blood sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven and her father, Satan. These human agents have honed their skills over centuries, and are actively involved in military, law enforcement, national security and political agencies in every country, some more infiltrated than others. They are re-writing laws to slowly enslave us and prepare to imprison and persecute us through police state tactics as was seen in German and Russia in the first half of the 20th century.

It is tempting to want to defend ourselves with the weapons of man, which some militant groups have already done in preparation of the coming of a police state if it happens (which it can be stopped through the vote if we wake up). It is in our nature to want to protect our families by any means necessary. But such weapons will only have a temporary impact. To have a permanent impact against Satan and His Harlot, we need to put on the armor of God:

Ephesians 6:11

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

 Think about it: when you cast out demons, do you use rifles, or the name of Jesus Christ? Demons tremble at that name, as it burns like acid! The demons inside the human agents of the Harlot will also tremble and flee as all of the sense of the human will become sore painful, as they did when her children covered their ears as Stephen proclaimed the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ so eloquently that the demons cried out loudly inside them (Acts 7:54-59), ringing their ears to a painful extent!

The victory over the birth pains and persecutions of the Harlot is ours through Jesus Christ! Amen. So be awake, as Jesus warned us, so that we are prepared to be part of the acceptable Bride that the Lord comes back to marry. Let the Harlot burn in the bed she made for her and her customers (the beasts of the world). Her lovers will be astonished at her downfall. Hallelujah!



3 thoughts on “Warning to the American Church – Put on the Armor of God Now

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