Why the Church Misinterprets the Woman of Revelation 12

For some reason, the Church, especially many in the American church, misinterpret the Woman of Revelation 12 to be the State of Israel in 2015! This is ridiculous because the State of Israel hates Jesus Christ, and Christ made it clear. Here’s what Jesus Christ instructed us about this world and our role in it:

  1. His kingdom is not of this world
  2. He would not return to Jerusalem until they say blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, which is Jesus Christ
  3. All Christians are strangers in this world, and our home is the New Jerusalem, which is not to be confused with the current blasphemous Jerusalem that has nothing whatsoever to do with the New Jerusalem
  4. We are in this world but not of this world

So if the Woman of Revelation 12 is not the current Jerusalem in the State of Israel, who is she? Others believe the Woman of Revelation 12 is the church, but how then can the woman who gives birth to the Christ child also be the one to marry her own child? That would violate God’s law against incest. What a sad and very dangerous state of affairs our lazy church has come to.

The Woman of Revelation 12, like the Harlot of Revelation 16-18, is a spiritual system that has existed from the beginning. The duality of Sarah and Hagar symbolizes this difference. So does Aholah and Aholibah, the two harlots that the Lord God summarily divorced for their whoredoms. So if God divorced the 10 Tribes and then the 3 tribes under Judah, why then does the Church want to remarry them to the Lord? Nonetheless, once the Lord divorced the physical nation of Israel, He sent them off to captivity, leaving a small remnant behind for His namesake: those who still held the faith in the Lord and looked for the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, and not the false messiah that most of the remaining 3-tribes under Judah tried to force into existence. This remnant is not to be confused with the entire nation of Israel today, which obviously hates Jesus Christ and even thinks His name is a curse! Oh how blind can the American Church be? How asleep is the Church today?

When God carved out the Old Jerusalem for the Israelites, He meant for it to be the marriage between the spiritual and the physical. The City of Jerusalem was both a physical city with a physical geography and citizens, as well as a spiritual concept that housed the spiritual elements of the Temple. But as the Book of Judges showed us, the Israelites misunderstood the distinction between the spiritual and the physical, and as a result, would be plunged in a repetitive cycle of rebellion and forgiveness of sins, several times over. They would abandon the spiritual and indulge in the physical only, which is why they would eventually believe they were chosen by God because they were physically born of Abraham and Israel (John the Baptist and the Apostles Peter and Paul would later refute this nonsense, saying that the Lord can raise stones to be children of Abraham if that is all He required). The Lord desires mercy (spiritual) over sacrifice (physical). But the Israelites never got this point, which is why the Lord cast them out into captivity, and would eventually allow Rome to crush Jerusalem for good. There is no divine authority permitting the current Jerusalem and State of Israel. These are impostors.

Jesus predicted the destruction of the Old Jerusalem, and He would not return until they say “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” The current Jerusalem still hates Jesus’ name, so why do so many in the American Church not understand this vital point?

The State of Israel has absolutely nothing to do with any promises in the Old Testament, and in fact, the Book of Daniel said that the “robbers of thy people” will rise up to seize the vision but fail. What more obvious and blatant warning about the truth can there be? Daniel’s people are the Jews. Not all Jews are robbers, but influential ones among them are robbers as is evident by the thievery-based banking system with its wicked compounding interest which is nothing but complex robbery. The “vision” that the robbers of Daniel’s people tried to establish refers to them trying to establish a messianic kingdom that rules the entire earth with their own messiah as the Prince of Princes. But this whole scheme will fail. But the American Church has failed to understand this.

The Woman of Revelation 12 is the spiritual system of all those who never wavered in their faith in the Lord God before and after Jesus Christ. The Harlot of Revelation 16 is a spiritual system of those who not only willingly rebel against the Lord God, but love it and encourage others to sin. These two women are not to be confused with each other like a lot of Christian ministers are doing, misleading the flock of Christ. The Woman of Revelation 12 is the New Jerusalem, which is part of the new heaven and the new earth. Thus, Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world.”

The current Jerusalem of 2015 has nothing to do with the New Jerusalem, but is just the rebellious Old Jerusalem resurrected through intrigue and the shedding of innocent blood, and is just part of the great lying wonders Satan unleashed on the world. The Old Jerusalem is born of the Harlot spiritual system. The Harlot was active when she rode the Roman Beast to have Jesus Christ crucified, and the leading members of the harlot spiritual system were the Jewish leaders who were jealous of Jesus and concerned that His system (the Woman of Revelation 12) was uprooting their system (the Harlot of Revelation 16). The same Pharisee system, which is part of the Harlot system, is still in effect till this day after over 2,000 years and is the same one that led to the creation of the current State of Israel and the current Old Jerusalem.

So to believe that the Woman of Revelation 12 is the current State of Israel today is utter nonsense, blasphemous and of the spirit of anti-Christ. The New Jerusalem has no need of the sun or moon because the Lord will light the city. The current Jerusalem still needs the old sun and the old moon to light it. The New Jerusalem needs no defenses or military because the Lord’s Host will defend it. Jesus Christ Himself will populate the New Jerusalem. The Old Jerusalem needed the cover and intrigue of World War II to allow mass immigration into it. The current Jerusalem needs the Israeli army and the U.S. military. Jesus Christ said of the old Temple that no stone will be left standing on the temple, yet the current State of Israel tricked the American church to believe that the Wailing Wall is the remnant of the Old Temple. The Wailing Wall has already been proved to actually be a remnant of an old ancient Roman outpost, some distance away from the Old Temple. There is neither Jew nor Greek in the New Jerusalem (hence no racism), yet the current Old Jerusalem is rampant with racism against anyone who is not a white-skinned Jew (and even among them, there are deep disagreements). Thus the Palestinians have had to suffer endless horrors while the U.S. looks the other way (the harlot loves blood). All of the blood of every innocent person will be visited on the Harlot (aka “this generation” as Jesus Christ Himself put it).

Don’t believe the great delusion that the Lord has allowed to deceive the world, and that can even deceive the very elect. The Church must stay awake and not let the oil from her lamp go to waste. Lying wonders are all around us to derail us from the faith. The Woman of Revelation 12 is the system that supports all believers to stay strong in the faith and resist the temptations of this world, not confusing the New Jerusalem for Satan’s forgery that is driving the world mad in the Middle East with her sorceries and lust for the blood of the saints. Take heed, American Church, and turn away. Come out of her my people!


Recovery ministry serves eclectic congregation in S. Dallas – Fox4News.com

Recovery ministry serves eclectic congregation in S. Dallas - Fox4News.com | Dallas-Fort Worth News, Weather, Sports

Easter Sunday is when millions of Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of their Savior.

Fox 4’s James Rose attended a unique service in Dallas Sunday with The Men of Nehemiah. It’s a residential and recovery ministry for homeless and formerly incarcerated men.

“From millionaires to the poorest of the poor! And we just jam man! We just praise God,” says Louis Harrell.

This grainy home video captures the spirit of the Easter Sunday service. And as the song says, it is raining in the Missionary Baptist Church in South Dallas, and no one even cares.

This is perhaps one of the most eclectic congregations you will ever see. There are doctors, lawyers, and convicts of all kinds, all coming together in fellowship.

“We’re talking drug addicts, robbers, and murderers.” Louis Harrell explains. “Yea, some of the worst of the worst.”

Louis Harrell, the Director and Founder of The Men of Nehemiah, says he was once one of the them. “I had a long, long ugly drug addiction. Bad, over 20 years.”

After moving to Dallas in 2010 and losing his wife, Harrell decided to resurrect a program his father, a former Pastor in New Orleans started for him.

It’s a regimented biblical program that gives food, shelter, spiritual guidance and discipline to those trying to free themselves from the grips of addiction.

“We restore. We restore men to their rightful spiritual position. As fathers,” Harrell says.

“I literally believe I was right next to death. I mean I was living like an animal. I was living in abandoned houses. Eating out of garbage cans,” says Ty Choice.

via Recovery ministry serves eclectic congregation in S. Dallas – Fox4News.com | Dallas-Fort Worth News, Weather, Sports.