The End of Bartering and the Rise of 666

Have you ever contemplated the link between the collapse of bartering as the main medium of exchange throughout early history and the slippery slope towards a financial system centered around the mark of the beast?

During the era of bartering, two people who needed something the other has would simply swap one item for another. For instance, a shoemaker would exchange new shoes for a new shirt from a shirt maker. A doctor might provide medical services to a meat butcher. With bartering, the medium of value was negotiated between two independent parties without the need of a third party such as a central banking system.

Ponder that a bit. No need for a bank account. No debt. No bloated government bureaucracy sucking value out of the country. No central bank to devalue currency because there is no currency.

Are there inefficiencies in bartering? Sure there are. If no one needs shoes and you only make shoes, you’re in trouble. But as with any human economic system, there is a way to improve bartering over time so that inefficiencies become fewer and fewer…

But that’s not what those who are part of the criminal syndicate “Mystery Babylon the Great” want. They want to control value. They want to control the exchange of goods and services, especially when the goods are the staples of life: food and water. Thus, farming, like bartering, is a threat to them, too, and must be controlled by pushing people into “non farm” wage jobs (ever wonder why government accountants keep track of non farm payroll?). Without these controls, there can be no mark of the beast.

So they created currency as an evolutionary step towards 666. With currency, the government issuing it, in effect, drastically reduces the independence of bartering. Sure, you can now buy anything you want, but now the government gets involved. A currency system also makes it easier to tax people.

But currency is not enough. If anyone hoards enough currency, they can be relatively independent. The Harlot can’t have that. She wants people under her beastly governments to be dependent on her system. So the next step is to introduce digital currency a la debit and credit cards, and even controlled bitcoins which are still in the wild wild west phase. Ever notice that many years ago, if you had, say, $10,000 in a bank, you can probably get all of that money out in cash. Today, try to get even $2,000 of that $10,000 out. You will discover that banks don’t have a lot of cash on hand anymore. What happened? The Harlot quietly stopped transporting lots of cash from the nearest Federal Reserve to each bank branch. Over time, cash transports from the Fed to each bank has been deliberately decreased little by little so as not to disturb the sleeping masses who became increasingly conditioned to use digital money via cards (there was a commercial not long ago that mad fun of those who used cash). There are many people complaining that now, at best, they can only get $1,500 of their personal accounts. If you have $10,000 and wanted to close your account and get the cash, the bank branch may give you $2,000 plus a cashier’s check for the remaining balance. Why? Because the Harlot does not want you to be too independent.

As convenient as digital money is for the Harlot, it is still not quite enough. It’s not the love of money she’s only after. She also wants the hearts of men, to use the love of money as a catalyst to outright worship of Satan. She wants our allegiance to Satan, so by decreasing our independence on hoarding currency and by switching gradually to digital money, she can use digital money to force allegiance to Satan, enhancing digital money with a mark, possibly a chip or tattooed barcode (time will tell), to permanently imprint this allegiance in the form of an identifying mark. Money is not enough for the corrupt ones in the harlot’s criminal syndicate. They want our hearts or they will get us into concentration camps and kill us.

May Jesus Christ have mercy on us!