Spiritual Questions for the Lost in the Last Days


For those who call themselves Christians but deny the Bible is the divinely inspired word of Jesus Christ, and who deny that demons exist, and who can’t believe that demons can influence or possess humans to carry out extremely brutal and violent evil, ponder these few questions. Hopefully they trigger you to ask even more questions. Pass these questions on to your friends if you think they are weak Christians who water down the gospel in a lukewarm way…

1. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? If not, you can stop now and keep being blind in this world as the rest of this list won’t apply
2. Jesus Christ was tempted by Satan. Do you believe Satan exists?
3. The Bible calls Satan the god of this world? Do you believe this?
4. Jesus cast out many demons, including Legion. Do you believe in demon possession?
5. Do you believe we are in the end times?
6. Jesus said Satan’s kingdom is united and the temptation of Christ shows that Satan holds sway over all the world’s governments
7. Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world. Is Israel exempt from this? Do you believe that today’s Israel is Jesus’ kingdom? Is it of Heaven or of this world? Is it the New Jerusalem?
8. Is the United States a follower of Jesus Christ? Is the USA His kingdom, or does it belong to Satan? Does any nation on this planet fully believe in Jesus Christ?
9. Is the military of the U.S. under the leadership of Jesus Christ, or the leadership of worldly men?
10. Are the various police departments of the U.S. under the leadership of Jesus Christ, or the leadership of worldly men?
11. Do you believe 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 when it says Our Heavenly Father will send a strong delusion to make those who don’t believe the truth to believe a lie? It says that those who don’t believe the truth (Jesus Christ is the Truth) will be led to believe a lie – no middle ground.

Insert additional questions here…The times grow darker and shorter. Be like the 5 Virgins who had enough oil in their lamps when Jesus Christ returned. Amen…


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