Spiritual Questions for the Lost in the Last Days


For those who call themselves Christians but deny the Bible is the divinely inspired word of Jesus Christ, and who deny that demons exist, and who can’t believe that demons can influence or possess humans to carry out extremely brutal and violent evil, ponder these few questions. Hopefully they trigger you to ask even more questions. Pass these questions on to your friends if you think they are weak Christians who water down the gospel in a lukewarm way…

1. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? If not, you can stop now and keep being blind in this world as the rest of this list won’t apply
2. Jesus Christ was tempted by Satan. Do you believe Satan exists?
3. The Bible calls Satan the god of this world? Do you believe this?
4. Jesus cast out many demons, including Legion. Do you believe in demon possession?
5. Do you believe we are in the end times?
6. Jesus said Satan’s kingdom is united and the temptation of Christ shows that Satan holds sway over all the world’s governments
7. Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world. Is Israel exempt from this? Do you believe that today’s Israel is Jesus’ kingdom? Is it of Heaven or of this world? Is it the New Jerusalem?
8. Is the United States a follower of Jesus Christ? Is the USA His kingdom, or does it belong to Satan? Does any nation on this planet fully believe in Jesus Christ?
9. Is the military of the U.S. under the leadership of Jesus Christ, or the leadership of worldly men?
10. Are the various police departments of the U.S. under the leadership of Jesus Christ, or the leadership of worldly men?
11. Do you believe 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 when it says Our Heavenly Father will send a strong delusion to make those who don’t believe the truth to believe a lie? It says that those who don’t believe the truth (Jesus Christ is the Truth) will be led to believe a lie – no middle ground.

Insert additional questions here…The times grow darker and shorter. Be like the 5 Virgins who had enough oil in their lamps when Jesus Christ returned. Amen…


Why Did Satan Offer Jesus the Worlds Kingdoms

Why Did Satan Offer Jesus the Worlds Kingdoms

By James Tissot – Online Collection of Brooklyn Museum; Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 2006, 00.159.51_PS1.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10195821

Matthew 4:1-11New King James Version (NKJV)

Satan Tempts Jesus

4 Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.  2 And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry.  3 Now when the tempter came to Him, he said, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.”

4 But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’”[a]

5 Then the devil took Him up into the holy city, set Him on the pinnacle of the temple,  6 and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down. For it is written:
‘He shall give His angels charge over you,’

‘In their hands they shall bear you up,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.’”[b]

7 Jesus said to him, “It is written again, ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God.’”[c]

8 Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.  9 And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.”

10 Then Jesus said to him, “Away with you,[d] Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’”[e]

11 Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him.


Ponder this a bit: If you’re Satan, with an eternal sentence to burn forever (imagine being burned just 5 seconds…he must have really, really angered the very patient and loving Heavenly Father to get such a sentence), why would you want to offer the kingdoms of the world to the Son of your arch enemy? Set aside the popularly known rationale that Satan wanted to make Jesus fall from grace. Let’s look at this from a different angle. Wouldn’t you, as Satan, want to outright rule the kingdoms directly, without offering any of them to humans born in the image of your arch enemy who sentenced you to burn forever?

The answer to this question explains why it has taken 2,000 years since Jesus walked the earth for Satan to hand over the keys to the world’s kingdoms to his children, as Jesus called them. The fact is, Satan and his demons cannot directly rule the kingdoms of mankind. This planet was created for us by divine, sovereign decree. So only a voluntary or involuntary agreement with Satan would give the dark spirits any kind of sway over the kingdoms. The agreement between Adam, Eve and Satan in the Garden of Eden was involuntary as Satan tricked them into giving Satan and his demons entry into influencing the affairs of men. The Israelites went back and forth in giving Satan entry to influence their kingdoms.  Jesus rejected Satan, thus claiming eternal victory, but some leaders of the Pharisees system gave in to the temptation, which is why Jesus was against the “yeast of the Pharisees” and “Synagogue of Satan” that He warned us about.

The process of giving control of the world’s kindgoms is not easy. Just because Satan is a spirit does not mean he can just make his human children instant masters of the planet. Each monarchy and empire has to be gradually dismantled in phases, which is why the statue of Daniel 2 starts with the Gold Phase of Babylon, followed by successive kingdoms until the Phase of the Clay-Iron Feet-Toes (CLIFT) kingdom. Recall that the CLIFT kingdom, the one that will exist until Jesus Christ returns to destroy it, was described by Daniel as being brittle and trying to mix the seed of men (this is not referring to the normal intermarriage of races, but the artificial strategy of trying to force patterns of immigration by destroying old school monarchies and kingdoms, leaving their subjects to wander to new nations for a better life). Why was it described as “brittle” and unlike all the other kingdoms before it? Answer: from ancient Egypt until the monarchies and dynasties of Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, the prior nations were ruled by sovereign royals in some form or fashion. Usually there was a tight link between government, religious faith, family, and management of the economy. This strong union of these government principles made them very, very tough to crack and hand over to Satan’s children, who are spiritually born to that Harlot, Mystery Babylon the Great. So Satan influenced these children to implement a phase-out approach that would take roughly 2,500 years.

The children tried to seize the kingdom by force during the era of the Roman Empire, which is why Jesus appeared to them as a last warning 2,000 years ago. But as the Parable of the Tenants showed, they concluded that if they killed Jesus, they can use His death as a catalyst to seize the kingdom. But that failed. So they had to continue with their master Satanic plan. They tried to ride various major kingdoms to seize a one world kingdom, but each plan failed throughout the centuries. The Crusades were an example of them riding two major kingdoms against each other:  the Catholic West and the Ottoman Muslim East. These failed, too. So what worked to usher in the so-called New Age of Satanic Rule?

Answer: The United States and the so-called principles of democracy.

In our early school years, we were conditioned by the children of Satan to nearly worship democracy because they secretly knew their form of democracy would be used to massacre the leaders of the “Old World” monarchies (hence the reason they referred negatively to the older monarchies as the “dark ages” because what was good for everyone else was bad for their plot to rule the planet). But grown adults should re-assess this thinking and ask, “are we truly better in a post-monarchy world, and if so, how can we actually prove that if we never lived under the former monarchies?” The “brittle” that Daniel spoke of is the idea of going from a united, single-head monarchy to a weaker, brittle form of government ruled by 3 heads instead of one: President, Congress, Supreme Court. Any one of these three can be manipulated by those with an immense amount of wealth, and Satan’s children have amassed an ungodly amount of wealth at the expense of 99% of the world’s population.

So now you know why it has taken so long to build the most powerful beastly nation the world has ever known, the United States. It was not created by some pilgrims who wandered over to America and had a turkey dinner with Native Americans. That was the dumbest fraud ever taught in the public school system. Columbus is celebrated with a holiday because he helped the children of Satan find a relatively barren land (beast of the earth in Revelation) to finally create a monster nation to lie and bully the other nations of the world and force them into a new world order under Satan. As Daniel warned when he saw the terrifying night visions of the crushing beast, the United States has subdued and crushed many nations today, most notably being Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria and Yemen are in the crosshairs. The Four Horsemen are riding because of the U.S. beast, with the white horse being like the promise of democracy being a beacon of hope and salvation to the world, usurping words that apply only to Jesus Christ! As we see in Iraq and Libya, after the White Horse of democracy and false hope was promised to these countries, massacres, disease, poverty, hyperinflation, currency ruin and death followed…Beware and stay prayed up as Jesus warned us with the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Amen.

The End of Bartering and the Rise of 666

Have you ever contemplated the link between the collapse of bartering as the main medium of exchange throughout early history and the slippery slope towards a financial system centered around the mark of the beast?

During the era of bartering, two people who needed something the other has would simply swap one item for another. For instance, a shoemaker would exchange new shoes for a new shirt from a shirt maker. A doctor might provide medical services to a meat butcher. With bartering, the medium of value was negotiated between two independent parties without the need of a third party such as a central banking system.

Ponder that a bit. No need for a bank account. No debt. No bloated government bureaucracy sucking value out of the country. No central bank to devalue currency because there is no currency.

Are there inefficiencies in bartering? Sure there are. If no one needs shoes and you only make shoes, you’re in trouble. But as with any human economic system, there is a way to improve bartering over time so that inefficiencies become fewer and fewer…

But that’s not what those who are part of the criminal syndicate “Mystery Babylon the Great” want. They want to control value. They want to control the exchange of goods and services, especially when the goods are the staples of life: food and water. Thus, farming, like bartering, is a threat to them, too, and must be controlled by pushing people into “non farm” wage jobs (ever wonder why government accountants keep track of non farm payroll?). Without these controls, there can be no mark of the beast.

So they created currency as an evolutionary step towards 666. With currency, the government issuing it, in effect, drastically reduces the independence of bartering. Sure, you can now buy anything you want, but now the government gets involved. A currency system also makes it easier to tax people.

But currency is not enough. If anyone hoards enough currency, they can be relatively independent. The Harlot can’t have that. She wants people under her beastly governments to be dependent on her system. So the next step is to introduce digital currency a la debit and credit cards, and even controlled bitcoins which are still in the wild wild west phase. Ever notice that many years ago, if you had, say, $10,000 in a bank, you can probably get all of that money out in cash. Today, try to get even $2,000 of that $10,000 out. You will discover that banks don’t have a lot of cash on hand anymore. What happened? The Harlot quietly stopped transporting lots of cash from the nearest Federal Reserve to each bank branch. Over time, cash transports from the Fed to each bank has been deliberately decreased little by little so as not to disturb the sleeping masses who became increasingly conditioned to use digital money via cards (there was a commercial not long ago that mad fun of those who used cash). There are many people complaining that now, at best, they can only get $1,500 of their personal accounts. If you have $10,000 and wanted to close your account and get the cash, the bank branch may give you $2,000 plus a cashier’s check for the remaining balance. Why? Because the Harlot does not want you to be too independent.

As convenient as digital money is for the Harlot, it is still not quite enough. It’s not the love of money she’s only after. She also wants the hearts of men, to use the love of money as a catalyst to outright worship of Satan. She wants our allegiance to Satan, so by decreasing our independence on hoarding currency and by switching gradually to digital money, she can use digital money to force allegiance to Satan, enhancing digital money with a mark, possibly a chip or tattooed barcode (time will tell), to permanently imprint this allegiance in the form of an identifying mark. Money is not enough for the corrupt ones in the harlot’s criminal syndicate. They want our hearts or they will get us into concentration camps and kill us.

May Jesus Christ have mercy on us!


Who’s Godless Now? Putin Says Obama Has Turned USA Into Godless Sewer

Would you ever have imagined the President of Russia would proclaim his Christian faith and Christian values, not the President of the United States?

It was common to hear American conservatives refer to the Soviet Union as a “godless nation” at the pinnacle of the Cold War.

Interesting how the circle closes. Now the Kremlin and Russian Orthodox Church peg the west with the same allegations.

In a recent keynote speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values.

via VIDEO: Who’s Godless Now? Putin Says Obama Has Turned USA Into Godless Sewer.

Do Some Christians Worship El or Baal Instead of Jesus Christ?

Is God El, Lord, YHWH, or Baal (or the numerous derivatives of those title-names)? Is Jesus Yeshua or Yahoshua? Does the fact that the letter J didn’t exist when the New Testament was written mean that Christians need to worship other names? Too many Christians have failed to strengthen their faith and knowledge in these matters, so it’s time to shed some light.

The short answer is that Jesus Christ is the only name under Heaven by which men can be saved. Jesus Christ is the only One we can go through to access the Father, because in fact, He and the Father are One! The Apostle John tells us that the Word (Jesus Christ) is God (Our Heavenly Father). Jesus Christ said He and Our Heavenly Father are the same, that if you’ve seen Jesus Christ, then you’ve seen the Father. Take time to look up all the appropriate verses in the New Testament.

Given all of this, why is it still necessary for some Christians to try to access Our Heavenly Father through other names? Do you even know the history behind those so-called names of God? Let’s first look at El.

El was a pagan god of the Canaanites. If you recall in the Old Testament, the Canaanites religious system called for them to sacrifice their own children to El. El and his pagan goddess wife Ashtaroth (which is also the name of a demon) had, among other sons, Baal. The word “Lord” comes from Baal if you follow the Hebrew language’s version history back to what’s called the Northwest Semitic language family, which comes from the Canaanite language. Beelzebub, then, is literally “Lord of the flies” and is mentioned in the Bible.

From Wikipedia: “Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is a Crowned Prince of Hell. He is a male figure named after the Canaanite goddess Ashtoreth.” Notice the change in sex identity from female to male. Might explain the demon behind the current movement to normalize homosexual behavior and the confusion of sexual identity.

YHWH is a 4-letter pointer to God’s name. The reason the Hebrews decided to keep it this way is supposedly to avoid using His name in vain, and was too holy to mention. So they eventually substituted Adonai (also a form of the word Lord) and used this indirect name extensively. But does that even make sense when you think about it? How do we even know this is not also a pagan name? There are no laws in the Five Books of Laws in the Old Testament that justify substituting names for God’s name. If you look at the history of El, Lord, Adonai, and YHWH, you will find a convoluted, almost incomprehensible mess of histories and splintered, fragmented names that may or may not be God. You’d have to be an expert on all the versions of Hebrew in history to even come close to knowing the history of God’s names and titles. No wonder Jesus told the Jewish leaders at the time that they have put themselves in a position to have the key to knowledge, but deny it to others.

The New Testament was, thankfully, written in Greek and some in Aramaic. The Early Church maintained it and the early Catholic Church translated it into Latin and kept it going until the Reformation era decided to reintroduce the unnecessary name complexity and obfuscated it. Just look at the history of the Hebrew word El here. In Greek, which is much simpler than the various Hebrew language versions, Jesus Christ is Iesus Christos, which when brought into the English language, became Jesus Christ. This name is still valid and can be easily tested by casting out demons (they will flee as long as you resist sin and hold fast in your faith). No need to pray to El Shaddai or Adonai or El Yarusalyim or YHWH or Yahweh or Jehovah. Jesus Christ is sufficient for thee.

So why did El, which is a form of Baal worship, get introduced into the Hebrew Bible? And why the current movement to substitute Yeshua in place of Jesus Christ?

There are those who are working secretly against the Church to get us to accept the Messiah of Judaism over the true Savior, Jesus Christ. Some of these have come out of the Jews for Jesus camp, but they are from other groups too. Even though the New Testament was written in Greek, and the name Jesus Christ in English is derived from the Greek, some messianic Jews want us to believe that if we don’t pronounce His name as Yeshua, then we are not worshipping the true Messiah. This is a dangerous trend as it sets Christians up to believe in a lie. To help bolster their messianic claims, they have demonized the Pope, saying he is the Anti-Christ, and Yeshua of the Jews is the true Messiah. Beware, Saints! Satan will send you a decoy Anti-Christ to set you up to believe in a false messiah who they will push as the true savior of mankind.

As for El, it seems that those who worked on the Septuagint Hebrew Bible decided to use El because they were used to it from their Canaanite language ancestors. Here’s an interesting take on El:

Also note that the Hebrew name אל (El) transliterated into Greek forms Ηλ, which constitutes the first syllable of the word ηλιος, (helios), meaning sun and which originates in a very ancient proto Indo-European root.

This quote seems to imply a possible link to sun worship. Here’s another source:

“El” = GOD or god (‘el 410).  This term was the most common general designation of deity in the ancient Near East.  While it frequently occurred alone, ‘el’ was also combined with other words to constitute a compound term for deity, or to identify the nature and functions of the “god” in some manner.  Thus the expression “God, the God of Israel” (Genesis 33:20) identified the specific activities of Israel’s God.

In the ancient world, knowledge of a person’s name was believed to give one power over that person.  Knowledge of the character and attributes of pagan “gods” was thought to enable the worshipers to manipulate or influence the deities in a more effective way than they could have if the deity’s name remained unknown.

To that extent, the vagueness of the term ‘el’ frustrated persons who hoped to obtain some sort of power over the deity, since the name gave little or no indication of the god’s character.  This was particularly true for El, the chief Canaanite god.

Nonetheless, not sure why the ancient Hebrews decided to borrow God’s name from the Canaanites, seeing how  He detested their practices and baal worship, especially the burning of children as a sacrifice to Baal (Moloch), which the Bible calls “passing through the fire.”

Here’s a better idea: Why not just worship Jesus Christ? When we pray to Jesus Christ, we are praying to the Father. That’s simple enough. No weird family of name derivatives to figure out. No Canaanite gods to confuse with Our Heavenly Father. Just Jesus! Some will attack this work, but we welcome any challenge in a spirit of love and stand firm in the only name by which men can be saved, Jesus Christ!











Did Solomon Have the Help of Demons to Build the Temple?

SOLOMON - JewishEncyclopedia.com

From SeedsMission.org

The short answer is no. Demons are destroyers, not builders. But there are some who think otherwise. Here’s a quote from the Jewish Encyclopedia:


The most important of Solomon’s acts was his building of the Temple, in which he was assisted by angels and demons. Indeed, the edifice was throughout miraculously constructed, the large, heavy stones rising to and settling in their respective places of themselves (Ex. R. lii. 3; Cant. R. l.c.). The general opinion of the Rabbis is that Solomon hewed the stones by means of the Shamir, a worm whose mere touch cleft rocks. According to Midrash Tehillim (in Yalḳ., I Kings, 182), the shamir was brought from paradise by the eagle; but most of the rabbis state that Solomon was informed of the worm’s haunts through the chief of the demons, who was captured by Benaiah, Solomon’s chief minister (see Asmodeus). The chief of the demons, Ashmedai or Asmodeus, told Solomon that theshamir had been entrusted by the prince of the sea to the mountain cock alone (the Hebrew equivalent in Lev. xi. 19 and Deut. xiv. 18 is rendered by A. V. “lapwing” and by R.V. “hoopoe”), and that the cock had sworn to guard it well. Solomon’s men searched for the nest of the bird and, having found it, covered it with glass. The bird returned, and, seeing the entrance to its nest closed by what it supposed to be a glass door, brought the shamir for the purpose of breaking the glass. Just then a shout was raised; and the bird, being frightened, dropped the shamir, which the men carried off to the king (Giṭ. 68b).

Solomon, in his prophetic capacity, realized that the Temple would be destroyed by the Babylonians, and therefore he caused an underground receptacle to be built in which the Ark was afterward hidden (Abravanel on I Kings vi. 19). For each of the ten candlesticks made by Solomon (I Kings vii. 49; II Chron. iv. 7) he used 1,000 talents of gold, which, being passed 1,000 times through the furnace, became reduced to one talent. There is a difference of opinion among the Rabbis as to whether Solomon’s candlesticks were lit or only the one made by Moses. A similar difference exists with regard to Solomon’s ten tables, five of which were on one side and five on the other side of the table made by Moses (Men. 29a, 99b). Solomon planted in the Temple different kinds of golden trees which bore fruit in their proper seasons. When the wind blew over them the fruit fell to the ground. Later, when the heathen entered the Temple to destroy it, these trees withered; but they will flourish again on the advent of the Messiah (Yoma 21b).

Even with regard to his noble act in building the Temple, however, Solomon did not escape the severe criticisms of the Tannaim. The construction of such a magnificent edifice, they said, filled Solomon with pride; consequently when he wished to introduce the Ark of the Covenant into the Sanctuary, the gates shrank to such an extent that it could not be brought in. Solomon then recited twenty-four hymns, but without avail. He then sang: “Lift up your heads, O ye gates; . . . and the King of glory shall come in” (Ps. xxiv. 7). The gates, thinking that Solomon applied to himself the term “King of glory,” were about to fall on his head, when they asked him, “Who is this King of glory?” Solomon answered: “The Lord strong and mighty,” etc. (ib. verse 8). He then prayed: “O Lord God, turn not away the face of thine anointed, remember the mercies of David thy servant” (II Chron. vi. 42); and the Ark was admitted (Shab. 30a; Num. R. xiv. 10; comp. Ex. R. viii. 1 and Tan., Wa’era, 6, where this haggadah is differently stated in the spirit of the Amoraim).

via SOLOMON – JewishEncyclopedia.com.