Jesus Christ Said ‘I am the Truth’ But Do We Really Believe Him?

Every Christian should know and commit to memory the following quote from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:

I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.

Notice that second part of His first sentence: Truth. What does that mean? It means He is the author of truth. There is no basis for truth but from Jesus Christ. His words are the foundation of truth. Jesus said He existed before the world began, and so that is absolute truth. He says He is the only path to our Heavenly Father, and so that is absolute truth. If He and the Father say that man’s life span is set at 120 years, then that is absolute truth, and any deviation from that truth should be treated not only with skepticism, but researched as if our very eternity depended on it.

But are we diligently doing that?

For a little over a 100 years now (as of 2015), we have allowed the U.S. Government, including institutes like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), mainstream media and major pharmaceutical companies to run false flag operations to deceive us into believing they are the absolute source of truth on human life. We have been repeatedly told misinformation to the point where a lie has become the truth, and we know who the father of lies is (Satan). For instance, we have blindly accepted that vaccines are the only ways to protect human life without question. Not only are we NOT skeptical of this 100 year-old lie, we have blindly accepted it as absolute truth. Few of us dare question the background of Jonas Salk, the deceptive father of the polio vaccine that propelled vaccines into the mainstream. He, along with other “great” medical figures, actually relied on unethical human experiments involving the defenseless, such as those in mental institutions or prisons.

Now we have a disease-causing vaccine industry that is a beast unto itself.

Just recently, an outbreak of measles occurred in California – the “Disneyland Outbreak” since the news media says it started at Disneyland, of all places. Why did they choose this place as the origin of the outbreak? Possibly to scare parents into injecting more, even deadlier diseases into their children. Ever wonder why the CDC and NIH stores samples of diseases that are supposedly eradicated? Perhaps when growing numbers of parents decide not to vaccinate their children once they learn the truth, the CDC/NIH machine allows the infectious diseases to spread in their areas. This manmade outbreak, in turn, gives their peers the ammunition to then ostracize those concerned parents as being irresponsible and bad. In other words, why not allow measles to spread in California in order to then provide ammunition for the public to blame those parents who don’t vaccinate their children? A classic false flag style operation.

Ebola virus

History books in school repeatedly told us that before the era of vaccines, humans die early, sometimes averaging just 25-year life expectancies in the early 1800s. And we believed this without question. That is a bold lie. There is a large body of evidence dating back 100 years that shows that vaccines, in fact, cause the very diseases they supposedly protect against, and even created mutated strains of them, and in many cases, cause the very cancers that have enriched drug companies and so-called cancer charities (who use only a paltry percentage of their millions of dollars on meaningful research). Before the era of manmade drugs, even American slaves were living past 100 using natural remedies (just look at the slave journals for more information). After the Civil War, some slaves described how white men in white coats traveled from plantation to plantation offering the “wonders” of white pills as cures for what herbs and roots did. They wanted the newly freed slaves to accept their pills over those natural remedies. The smarter ones refused, but some fell for the deception.

The same pattern exists in politics and warfare. We believe that the U.S. Dept. of Defense actually “defends” our freedoms, but most citizens either do not know or have forgotten that it used to be called the Dept. of War. So why the name change to Dept. of Defense? Because they knew that the former name exposed the truth of its demonic nature. “Defense” deceives the public into thinking that it is actually defending us, when in actuality, it is doing the exact opposite, as George Orwell alluded to in “1984.” Christians in America, and really all citizens in general, should carefully question why is it that not one war has been waged on American soil, yet our government has in fact engineered excuses to invade other countries and topple them if the “cancer” in Washington doesn’t like their form of government? Why did we need to send 3,000 troops to Ebola-ravaged nations instead of sending medical experts? When Boko Haram terrorized Nigeria, we only sent a few hundred soldiers to nearby Chad. Think about that.

When the mainstream news media parades experts, journalists and “witnesses” on our televisions and in online articles, we accept them as bearers of truth without question, even if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ, who is the Truth. Why don’t we question the backgrounds of these people? Because our educations have dumbed us down into blind submission. We eventually accept repeated exposure to experts as purveyors of truth at some point. We allow ourselves to get worn down, beaten into submission. We let our guards down and let the media inject artificial truth into our brains. Similarly, when we watch Hollywood movies and TV shows, we let our guards down as part of our brain interprets entertainment media as fiction, but another part of our brain still processes elements of those same media as truth in our subconscious. This is part of Satan’s complex master plan to make us vulnerable to deception like an assembly line of lie engineering:

1. Seduce us into acceptance

2. Turn a truth into a lie

3. Act on that lie as if it were more true than Jesus Christ

September 11 was a complete sham where we are led to believe that a rag-tag group of rookie flight students carried out an invasion of the most powerful nation the world has ever known, in an era when even powerful nations like Russia and China dare not invade U.S. soil! But if we dare question the “truth” about it, the mainstream media and high ranking government officials ridicule truth seekers as crazy, just like their forefathers did Jesus when he cast demons out of people. Why is the “crazy” label strategy used? Some of us are scared to ask questions. The Lord eagerly invites us to question Him, yet the governments and “lying wonders” institutions of this world are the exact opposite. And if they are the exact opposite of Jesus Christ, what does that make them? Answer: Anti-Christ! The False Prophets!

Why do we call them “lying wonders” institutions? The Bible warns us about lying wonders in the last days. So what does that mean? A wonder is something massive, something larger than life. Thus, a lying wonder is a larger than life, bold lie. One thing that Satan’s children (they are identified symbolically as the Great Whore and the Beast) have learned is that the majority of the public can be conditioned to put great faith in institutions and organizations that speak with authority, even if their words are false. They have grown comfortable with speaking big, bold lies, and have institutionalized the practice of deception. They also marginalize those who are smart enough to expose the lies. Hence, they manufacture “crazy” and “tin foil hat” labels, which when disseminated over the airwaves, creates a herd mentality in the majority who fear being labeled “outsiders” by engineered peer pressure tactics. Institutes of lying wonders know that the majority of the public wants to fit in with everybody else. But Jesus Christ never easily fitted in, if you recall.

Once again, we must ask ourselves who is the way, the TRUTH, and the life? Is it Jesus, or is it man-made science, mass media and massive government bureaucracies? Remember in the kingdom, no one who is fearful will be allowed in, so just as this world is bold for a lie, we should be bold for the truth. Jesus Christ said when He returns, there will be those on His right and on His left. Which side do you want to be on? Stop accepting this world’s Institutes of Lying Wonders (governments, news media, false science, militaries) as the foundation of truth. Only Jesus Christ our Savior is the TRUTH. Amen.