The Truth Behind the Religious Freedom Bill | Right, Wrong, and in Between

Editor’s Note: On ABC News This Week Sunday news program (March 29, 2015), White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest and Indiana Governor Mike Pence offered opposing views on the Religious Freedom Bill. Gov. Pence went first, reiterating that Bill Clinton signed the exact same legislation into law in 1993. But then Press Secretary Earnest scoffed at the idea of referring to what he considered an outdated law, questioning the Governor’s wisdom for going back over 20 years to justify a law today when the times have changed. This line of thinking is exactly what’s wrong with this country, suggesting that somehow there is an expiration date on laws and freedoms. The same line of thinking is used to make God irrelevant, suggesting that God and Jesus are not in step with the times. Well who exactly is determining what the “times” are that make everything else irrelevant? Answer: Mystery Babylon the Great!

The Truth Behind the Religious Freedom Bill | Right, Wrong, and in Between

Indiana Governor Mike Pence signs the Indiana Religious Freedom Bill into law.

Let’s talk about the “religious freedom bill” since you all insist on giving it so much attention. Actually, it’s not a bill. It’s a combination of two bills (SB 101 and SB 568). And as you know, they have received the nickname, “religious freedom bill.” Bill Clinton passed a very similar thing in 1993.

First things first, I suggest that you read the actual legislation before you continue reading this. Seriously, go do it right now.

“But where can I find the actual text in the bills? All I see are a bunch of news articles like this one talking about them using singular vocabulary as if they are just one document!” Very valid point. I thought the same thing, and I was annoyed too. But Google is amazing and awesome. I found them both online, and I read them. You can do it too; it’s only about six pages total. To view them, just click here and here. You might be surprised by what you find.

If for some reason, you just really trust my judgment on this matter, I guess you can continue reading this without clicking the links. But that would seem like a waste of time to me. I’d rather you actually read from valid sources than blindly trust another random person’s opinion, even if that random person is me.

What does this legislation say?

First of all, the two bills say nothing about homosexuality and nothing about discrimination—literally nothing.

The Truth Behind the Religious Freedom Bill | Right, Wrong, and in Between

Here is a good example of how the Mainstream Media, which is part of Mystery Babylon the Great, spins lies in its ongoing propaganda against the faith. None of the bullet points in this flyer is true. They just made it up to stir up division, the same way their forefathers stirred up certain cities in the Book of Acts against the Early Church.

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